Samsung Galaxy S10e and iPhone XR: These are the biggest differences

Samsung a slightly cheaper and slimmed-down version of their flagship smartphone in the offer. There is a direct comparison with Apple’s iPhone XR. Both smartphones are ahead in different areas. We call the biggest differences of competing products.

The iPhone XR and Galaxy S10e are in direct competition with each other. The two alternatives to the premium products sold by Apple and Samsung iPhone XS and Galaxy S10 differ in many areas. However, there are similarities. Both come in various bright colors and have rounded corners. The iPhone XR is a bit bigger. Disturbing could be some of the built-notch Notch, so the notch at the top of the screen, are installed in the camera and handset.

Both smartphones have their pros and cons

Another peculiarity of Apple is the still used Lightning connector. Samsung not only relies on the more conventional USB-C port, but in contrast to the competition also has a jack input for headphones. The S10e comes with 128 gigabytes of internal memory, which can be expanded by micro SD card. At Apple, this is not possible. Users only have the choice between 64, 128 and 265 gigabytes of internal storage space. Although the iPhone XR uses only a single-lens camera on the back, the photo quality of the S10e is barely noticeable.

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A popular issue is the operating systems. Although Android 9.1 is more vulnerable to viruses and security vulnerabilities, it also gives users more freedom than iOS 12. Everyone has to decide for themselves which aspects seem more important. A decisive criterion for many is the price. The iPhone XR launched at a cost of 850-1020 euros, but is already much cheaper to have. The Galaxy S10e costs 780 euros for the launch. If you wait a bit, it will probably be much cheaper.

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